Our chandelier cleaning service is a specialised job, and has nothing to do with the “spray” products you may see advertised. They are ok for a “quick dirty fix” on a less valuable piece, but not if you need a thorough clean, inspection, and restoration of your special chandelier.

Ideally this should ideally carried out once a year, depending on conditions and environment, we are happy to talk to you about a contract cleaning service. Our extensive knowledge of how chandeliers are constructed, together with our ability to work safely at height are just two of the many reasons why you should work with a specialist company to ensure your chandelier always sparkles.

Each component is individually cleaned by hand without use of sprays which can cause damage to metal parts such as pins, wires and frames. Candles are normally replaced at the cleaning stage and a full inspection carried out. If necessary, we will take the chandelier back to our workshops for cleaning, and we will be able to replace any missing or damaged components.